How to Change Address of Voter Id Card Online

How to Change Address of Voter Id Card Online:
 Here in this article, we are going to provide you the complete procedure about change in address of voter id card in easy steps so that you can provide you easy steps regarding.
In a Voter ID card, the residential address of the voter is essential. To get the voter ID card it really is important if there arises any type of discrepancies in the residential address printed piece on the card as well as the present place of your home, to make changes in the card.
A Voter ID card is a very important RECORD in addition to national proof of identity for the holders and election commission of India (ECI) takes up the enrollment, verification along with the distributive process of the Voter ID Card. As a way to prevent severe discrepancies, ECI has introduced numerous types for those who need to upgrade their card with some new details or have some corrections in their card.

How to Change Address of Voter Id Card

Procedure to Change Address Voter Id Card

India continues to be divided into several assembly constituencies and there is an ideal updated record of voters list of each assembly constituency. Constituencies are also there in district levels. Each of the assembly constituencies is now divided into various polling booths which is used during the time of elections for voting and that are comprehended by means of their Part Number. The polling booths are for election goal where people need to come on the day of cast and election vote for their elected nominee. Consequently, on the polling booths vote their elected representatives and individuals must come one.
Need to Transpose a Card
Election commission of India makes its Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) for each state who plays a very important role in elections and functions under the orders of ECI. The Chief Election Officials’ (CEO) website consists of the amount of links which redirects to various forms with the objective of applying for many changes in the Voter ID Card, some corrections of data in the card, Change of Address within that very assembly constituency or transposition.
Let’s have some practical examples, let’s assume a scenario where a voter having a place residence was given a polling booth, which has a long distance to cover up in the house (dwelling). So that you can cast his vote even though the polling booth allotted to that voter is of same assembly constituency, a long distance has traveled during the time of elections.
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Change Address of Voter Id Card Online

Type 8 is utilized only when some sort of malfunction has incurred and can be used to alter the residential address, be other similar errors, spelling mistakes in the address, along with it in Voter ID. You need to follow few measures before downloading and filling up the form 8.
By exemplifying fill first part up:
  • Serial Number of the voter as well as part Number list where you already are registered.
  • Electors Photo Identity Card Number (EPIC)
  • Relative’s Name
Fill second part up, by exemplifying:
  • Residential Address of the new place you happen to be transferred or about to transfer, where:
By exemplifying fill up the third part:
  • Part Number of the brand new region of residence or the closest polling booth where your franchise will be carried out by you

Change Address in your Voted Id Card

It is required to submit the form 8 along the proof of the address of the newest dwelling. Any DOCUMENTcan do such as electric bill, telephone bill, or rent statements as well as the Voter ID Card Xerox copy. and Check Your Voter ID as mentioned here.

How to Change Address of Voter Id Card Online

How to Change Address of Voter Id Card Online:   Here in this article, we are going to provide you the complete procedure about change i...